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Vintek Nutrition, LLC®

Vintek Nutrition, LLC® was founded in 2009 in response to the development of a nutritional supplement for an insulin-resistant diabetic dog.

Our company continually works with professional veterinarians, Pharmacy Specialties Inc (a compounding pharmacy) and researchers to develop outstanding products.  Our flagship, patent-pending product, Dia-Treaties® is designed specifically for diabetic dogs.  This natural solution (nutraceutical) works to enhance insulin utilization in dogs.

Since that time, we received grant funding from the State of South Dakota and completed a Phase I efficacy study for people and received IRB approval for a Phase II study for Type II diabetics.

After observing the results of Dia-Treaties®, two other products were derived from our research.

We developed Sterling Coat® Treaties for your dog's skin and coat problems.  Sterling Coat® heals from the inside-out.  Veterinarians and owners alike have noticed that it has been a very effective tool for the tough-to-treat issues ranging from severe allergies to hot spots.

Our vitality-enhancing supplement that all dogs benefit from is called Vitali - Treaties®. These supplements are in the form of a treat and are extremely palatable. All of our products have essential vitamins and minerals that improve the overall health and vitality of your dog. 

Our products are manufactured in an inspected USDA facility in Sioux Falls, SD.

Our Mission is to provide veterinarians and pet owners with time-tested, excellent, safe, effective products that provide solutions to keep their dogs happy and healthy.  Whether it is diabetes or an unhealthy skin and coat condition, severe allergies, or an older dog with a variety of issues, Vintek Nutrition has the answers to your problems.  We continue to test and develop our human version to help in the fight against the world-wide diabetes pandemic.

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